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Kat: recenzje książek
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That's very surprising but nationalistic ideology breaks into the music main stream! A certain rock band, which has been present in media for years and mostly singing about nothing, released the long play with lyrics similar to the ones of Legion.
"Now I'm saying it loud / I'm longing for Poland before partitions / for Poland from the sea to the sea / the Great Crown golden from grain of Ukraine (...) / Somebody must remind what the common spirit is / to revive the national myth / the myth of might, power, health and strength (...)" - This is the part of the song called "Independence" and such elements are more. Close to them there are also a dozen or so pop-rock songs touching more or less important things. The important feature of this record is the vice of Bogdan Łyszkiewicz. Besides he was the author of all lyrics and music. "Poland" is the last stuff he has released because after recording this album he died in a car accident. Listening to "Poland" there's fear to think what would have happened if Bogdan had released the next album. But we shouldn't go mad with happiness: it must be admitted that the album is a curiosity. In the matter of lyrics one can find a few serious contradictions. We also shouldn't forget that this band didn't plan their escape towards the identical scene because such an action doesn't bring any commercial profit for bands. Chłpopcy z Placu Broni was a commercial group to the end of their existence. It makes such results: excellent production and publication of the album with low artistic values and feeble music and vocal are the naked truth about the state of Polish commercial music. Although we should be glad that even there the national elements can be existed. And nothing more Chłopcy z Placu Broni "Polska",

Pomaton-EMI/Scena FM 2000.

A.D. 2001

(translated by Karol Gortad)

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